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Hi, I'm Cortnie Cuellar, CPDT

Cortnie Cuellar

Over 10 years of professional dog training services

I started I Love Your Dog, LLC in October of 2018 after ten years of professional experience training dogs, stemming from a lifelong fascination of animal behavior. In 2021, I took a leap toward a lifelong dream and moved to 14 acres set on creating an enrichment world for dogs. I have a pack of seven dogs, as well as four house cats, chickens, and a goose and a bunny!

I received a career diploma in 2014 from Penn Foster and continue my education through practice, teaching, and completing seminars from varying teaching backgrounds. I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer as well as a professional member, and current Secretary of the International Association of Canine Professionals and am a current AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator. I also stay current with PetTech first aid, care, and CPR practices.

Love is about trust, respect, and putting forth measured effort

Hi, I'm Cortnie and I love your dog. No, really! That's why I started I Love Your Dog, LLC. My goal as both a trainer and an entrepreneur is to strengthen the relationship between you and your dog. One relationship at a time, I aim to make a lasting impact on how our future generations interact with dogs and preserve the longevity of this very important bond. This quest continues with you and your dog! 

Your dog is an amazing creature, even if it is displaying undesirable behaviors. There is likely a reason behind those unwanted behaviors. My passion is to figure out that reason and curb the unwanted behavior while teaching you, the human, how amazing your dog truly is. 

I Love Your Dog, LLC
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AKC CGC Evaluator

The most valuable lessons I've learned have been taught to me by my own dogs.

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I love, care for, and learn from my own personal seven dogs; Ruca, Reddy, Pepper, Phoebe, Lizard, Arnold & Nelson. Together, they work as a pack to help me rehabilitate dogs, to set the example of expected behavior, and they even teach appropriate dog-to-dog communication. This makes my pack an extremely valuable resource when I am working with dogs. Dogs can "speak dog" better than I ever can or will. Both of my border collies, Phoebe and Reddy, have each earned novice trick titles from the American Kennel Club Association. 
I make sure to provide my dogs with a fun outlet for all their energy! We enjoy active dog sports such as frisbee, dock diving, and barn hunts and have so many adventures on our 14 acre property. 

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